Welcome to my WordPress

Hello my friends welcome to my wordpress. Mainly here to blog and mainly nothing more. What to blog about? Uh I’ll get to that in a moment.

Just here to witness the wonders of wordpress and it’s ok, I guess. Though I may have only scratched the surface as of yet. My opinion will change once I become more familiar with blogging.

Why the pic of Cutie Honey? I have no idea. I just really like the pic and the anime and the heroine. Later I plan to get an animator or animators for my very special things to do for this and my YouTube career.

This wordpress is to serve as another means to blog outside of my YouTube/Twitter/ and whatnot. Blog of what? Perhaps of more detail of my projects, or some review of an anime or movie that I watched, a game that I played. Maybe something even crazier than that, can’t wait. Anyway, hope you like it here. I wanted to try this with tumblr but it just didn’t do well for me. Oh well, til next blog.

SirSowohsono/ KnightofBoxes Studios


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