Plots for Unfinished Projects 1

Perhaps I can tell you my plots of parodies that I’m probably never gonna finish. The first one will be of Seikon No Qwaser.

Not just Seikon No Qwaser but a crossover with Manyuu Hikenchou and other ecchi anime mainly done by Hoods Entertainment.

For those who don’t know Seikon No Qwaser, it is an anime I came across on 2010 or 2011, and I think it is about these “qwasers” who has the power to control an element from the periodic table. Sounds cool, right? Well they gain power by sucking on girls’ breasts. I am not kidding. They suck “soma” from girls’ tits and for some reason it powers up their abilities. Ecchi it up a bit and you have anime that tries to make sense but it just wanna make you wanna see boobies and boobies getting sucked for magical breast milk.

For MY parodies, for anyone who is familiar with what I do, I like to take an anime/show/game and put my own original plot into it. I came from a time a little before the Abridged Craze and Antfish was the only one, along with MyWayEntertainment/ MartyMcfly/ DeathknightXcr/ Beesnipe, and anyone else I could think of that really inspired me to do stuff like this. Seikon No Qwaser is no exception, and my parody movie was gonna be called “Not Another Ecchi” as a joke towards the comedy movie, “Not another Teen Movie.”

It begins with Sasha the main character constantly going around and groping people’s breasts. The female lead says that they had enough of him going around doing that and she would consider calling the police. Sasha defends himself saying that in ancient times there was a profession called Breast Examination that they can grope and feel breasts for breast cancer awareness. The girls know that such a thing exists in the present day, the problem is that Sasha is not a certified Breast Examiner and has to pass the exam so he can get a license so he can grope breasts as much as he wants. Sasha tries to become an official bonafide Breast Examiner by attending a big academy, the problem is that it is an all girl’s school…immediately he attends as a girl in disguise.

Sasha thinks that he can grope boobies again but he made a set of certain school girls suspicious and eventually one chick was able to figure him out named Hana. Hana was about to kick Sasha out of this All-Girls School but Sasha promises that if he and Hana work together, they can become filthy rich filled with booze and women. Hana says that he is so lucky that she is a lesbian, and that she agrees to join him. The majority after that is Sasha and Hana working together to get some “customers” in hilarious ways within the academy. With Sasha always believing that he should be gentle with his patients while Hana being a straight up savage and scoring with any chick she can find.

There’s also recess, where Sasha cannot believe at first but it was quickly revealed to be a Virtual Reality Session within cyberspace. Here in this VR world, the girls can put on armor and weapons and duke it out for good clean fun, also be in a more innovative way to be involved with social media. However there were those in the school that believe that this VR World can be used to take control of the internet, and little does the perverted Sasha and Hana know that they are gonna be in the fight of their lives.



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