If The Final Fantasy Games had their own Titles

The moment FFX-2 became a thing, I knew something was horribly wrong. I never thought that such a thing was possible and Square Enix thought it was a good idea to begin with. Not at all. Why? Simple, it just sounds dumb. You know what sounds even dumber? FFX-3. Of course for FFXIII, they didn’t go that route, did they? They knew FFXIII-3 sounded weird in all the places, so they gave the sequel a title of its own: Lightning Returns. They should’ve done that more often, as in did it for each FF sequel. Think about it: Revenant Wings, The After Years, Advent Children, don’t you think they sound better? Why not give a title to each main FF so far? What title would they have after their respective FF name?

Let’s start with the first Final Fantasy. The title would just be Final Fantasy because it is the first game. What about Final Fantasy Two? The title I came up with is FFII: Wild Rose. The Wild Rose itself had some significance in the game and it is through that password that you were able to progress at all. And it had a more physical significance during the Dissidia gameplay.

FFIII: The Legend of The Crystals. Just as simple as that. This can be used for the first game as well because they both revolve a lot with Crystals and played a major role throughout both the games and beyond. In fact, the crystals were such a stable in most of the earlier FF titles that I’m surprised they use it as a logo for Smash Bros or something, but I digress. FFIV: Lunar Story. Yeah it might give some away to those who haven’t played the game yet and there’s an RPG already with Lunar in its name but for those who played the game, the moon does play a big role in the story somewhat.

FFV: Return of The Light Warriors. Alright I admit, kinda had a hard time finding a good title for this one but again, this game relied heavily on the Crystals and made a return to the Light Warriors as well as a famous mechanic that was first used in FFIII. FFVI: The War of The Magi. Why not? Even though the War of the Magi is a story within this game that told us of the war of three gods (goddesses) battling each other and eventually gave birth to magic and Espers that sparked this game to start with a bang.

FFVII: Avalanche. I don’t know why. It just seems like a really cool title for FF7. I mean think about it. Your group of main characters started off as Avalanche and that was basically what your group of party members was called throughout the entire game. Everything you did was through them and together they were able to get to know one another and pulled things through. FFVIII: Garden Seeds. I understand I might be running out of ideas but Gardens, SeeDs. Enough said.



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